If you want to know about real estate in Manhattan, our guest on this segment is recognized around the world as an expert in Manhattan Real Estate and has been featured by Brokers Weekly, Social Life Magazine,, CNBC, MSNBC, and the Associated Press. Debra Duneier is Senior Associate Broker with Corcoran and in 2008, she founded her company, Living Home by Debra, LLC.
She’s applies her unique, intuitive talent and her knowledge of classical Feng Shui principals to activate healthier, happier and more prosperous living and working environments. Through her real estate transactions she is always improving the lives of her clients. She was recently featured on Martha Stewart’s Sirius XM Radio Show, “Living Today”, Better TV and The Chicago Sun Times.

Here are the show notes

1. Give us your perspective on the real estate markets in Manhattan—-what are you seeing right now…in terms of the recession and how it has effected pricing and transactions?
2. You founded Living Home by Debra late last year—-where did the inspiration come from, and what did you want your business to stand for?
3. What kinds of services does Living Home provide?
4. Most of us think of a real estate transaction as just that—-a transaction. I know you’ve interested in making transactions much more than that—-I guess that means your clients experience of the process of them. How do you approach your own real estate transactions?
5. The name Living Home—-suggests you’re making REAL homes for clients. Do we sometimes forget or miss how to create a home-like-environment for ourselves?
6. For those of us who don’t really know—-what is Feng Shui?
7. How do you apply Feng Shui to the work you’re now doing with Living Home by Debra?
8. What’s in your plan for Living Home by Debra—-what does the company look like 3-5-10 or so years into the future?

Debra Duneier
Living Home by Debra, LLC
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