Our guests on this segment of the Smallbiz Brain are married to each other….and they love to travel.

Judith Fein and Paul Ross have garnered multiple awards for their travel articles and have contributed stories and photos to more than 80 magazines and newspapers internationally.

They also give travel performances and talks, make videos, teach travel writing and photography, and take people on cultural immersion trips to exotic locales. And most of all—- most of all—-they believe that getting to know people in other countries contributes to global connectedness and world peace.

1. When you consider all the businesses one might love to try as an entrepreneur, Travel Writer would certainly be at the top of the wish list. What events in your lives led to doing this fascinating work you now do?

2. Why do you think travel is so important for people?

3. How does traveling change one’s perception of their life and the way they experience the world?

4. So what does it mean to be a travel journalist?—-tell us about the cycle or process of planning, going, reporting, recording editing and then selling the content?

5. Can anyone become a travel journalist or photographer? Can you make a good living doing it?

6. What income streams do you have that are related to travel and can you tell me a little about each?

7. When people travel with you, you say that you teach them how to be travelers rather than tourists. What’s the difference?

8. How do people benefit from traveling with you, as opposed to traveling alone or with other tours?

9. I see that you encourage people to write and take pictures when they’re on a journey with you. Is this hard to do if they have absolutely no experience (with either)?

10. Where are you going next?