Joel Libava is a brutally honest, and not always politically correct, Northeast Ohio entrepreneur, who’s hyper-focused on the world of franchising. He consults with prospective franchise owners, matching them up to opportunities that may be a fit, in the world of franchise ownership. He also helps young franchise companies with their online marketing strategies.

Joel has been a radio and TV announcer, Las Vegas Maitre’D, food and beverage manager, and has worked in automobile franchising in a management capacity, and as a sales trainer.

Joel is involved in Northeast Ohio economic development initiatives, and was recently asked to become part of the Key Entrepreneur Development Center Taskforce that will provide guidance, and program development for the current and future small business community.

Joel is a frequent presenter on the topic of franchising, is the “Franchise Expert In Residence “and columnist for the award winning Small Business Trends website, and over at the OPEN FORUM by American Express blog, joining other small business experts like Guy Kawasaki, John Battelle, and Anita Campbell.

Joel is an expert source for The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine,, Bottom Line Personal, Crain’s, The Plain Dealer, and numerous other national and local publications and websites. He is interviewed regularly on Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate radio program, as well as on Barbara Weltman’s Build Your Business radio show.

Highly touted, The Franchise King Blog is one of Joel’s many franchise and small business related internet properties that provide much needed information for future and current franchise owners, and executives.

Joel is candid about the franchise industry, and pretty much everything else. Joel is The Franchise King.