Monte Hamilton is the co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Perpetual Publishers and president of Hamilton Associates. Hamilton spent more than twenty years as an executive recruiter to Fortune 100 companies, recruiting mid-level and executive level financial and information technology specialists. Since 1994, Hamilton has been actively involved with internet consulting. Hamilton Associates has developed, hosted, and maintained websites utilizing a variety of applications including eCommerce, recruiting, and online publishing. For the past two years Hamilton has helped many clients launch their publications online utilizing this state of the art YUDU platform.

Hamilton served as Director of Franchise Development for Las Vegas Discount Golf and Tennis, a sixty five store franchise chain. Prior to that, Monte worked as a Marketing Development Consultant for American Leak Detection. Hamilton received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Montana at Missoula.

Perpetual Publishers is committed to bringing high-tech solutions to small businesses, starting with online publishing.

In addition to video, audio and Flash-rich active media, Perpetual Publishers offers infinite zoom; search and archive functions; bookmarking and reader page notes; digital catalog order forms (that integrate and connect directly to a shopping cart); digital rights management; third-party subscription/payment; and one-click page printing.