Enerpulse CEO Lou Camilli and ReCARnation’s President Marc Powell talk about their new initiative to extend the life and performance of vehicles with Pulstar technology.

Both Companies are Albuquerque based. Marc and Lou agree that this new, exciting partnership will ultimately benefit customers in vehicles which have been LifeXtend™ Certified. They will get better mileage, much better performance, and be driving cleaner, greener cars. And – the Pulsar technology clearly extends the life of the vehicle.

Enerpulse, Inc. has developed and commercialized the first real breakthrough in spark plug technology in more than 120 years. Its Pulstar Pulse Plugs are not like conventional spark plugs. They increase efficiency to help boost power and cut fuel usage. Tests conducted at third-party certified labs, and internally at Enerpulse, demonstrate that Pulstar improves engine performance and fuel economy by an average of 6 percent when compared to conventional spark plugs, even in “plug-and-play” installations.

ReCARnation® is a transportation company that sells and rents used cars, and provides full mechanical, body and paint services on a full range of preowned cars, minivans, SUV’s and passenger vans. All of reCARNation’s vehicles are LIFEXTEND™ Certified in our own 18,000 service garage. LifeXtend™ includes a full 72 point inspection, repair or replacement of many key parts and components.