Craig James has been published and quoted in publications such as Business Week, Sales and Marketing Management, Selling Power, and the New York Enterprise Report, He has taught at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and has lectured at Columbia University’s School of Continuing Education.

Here are some of the questions covered during this interview segment:

1. When you set out to create Sales Solutions—-what did you want to do differently in terms of how you approach helping your clients with sales?
2. Do you have a typical kind of client that can benefit from your program, or does it run the gambit?
3. Where do you think business owners or sales professionals need the most assistance? What issues are you typically working to solve with them?
4. How does Sales Solutions work? What are he various programs you offer to you clients to help them?
5. What are you observing about selling in the current economic environment?
6. How do you approach helping them manage through this transitional period?
7. I know you created a 2007 top sales article about creating urgency. What do you think did the article said that resonated with readers?
8. What are you working on now?