Today Rob McNealy is New Media Consultant, Small Business Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Talkshow Host, Author, Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Podcaster, Husband & Dad. His passion is using social media to evangelize about small businesses, and coaching entrepreneurs on his Startup Story Radio podcast and blog.

Title: Chief Strategist of Contrived Media, Ltd. / Host of Startup Story Radio

Topic: How the economy is effecting small business, and how many people are becoming entrepreneurs as they can’t find jobs after being laid off.

Joining us on the line from Denver Colorado to share his insights around employment, passion, social media, and how we can harvest opportunities in a down economy is Chief Strategist of Contrived Media, Ltd. / Host of Startup Story Radio Rob McNealy…Here are some of the questions I asked him:

1. Rob, you’ve said there’s no such thing as a secure job or job security. Is this sentiment the result of your own professional journey?
2. Let’s talk about passion. You advise small business owners as a coach and public speaker. Can“having passion” be learned or does it need to be in an entrepreneur’s DNA?
3. You’ve attained a high level of expertise around social media, and you’re a business person and marketer. But, for those who may be new to this universe—-What makes social media “social media”?
4. What did your own process look like as social media became a larger part of your own marketing experience.
5. How do you suggest newbie’s to the world of social media approach marketing their own businesses online?
6. We’re sitting in December of 2008—certainly a challenging economic environment. How are you continue to thrive in this environment, and beyond that, how do you suggest entrepreneurs approach harvesting opportunities?

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