Today he’s served on a number of franchise advisory boards, has been the chairman of the Domino’s Pizza NY regional advertising coop, has won 7 Gold Frannys and is the co-author of the book, Hire The American Dream.

In a business that’s one of the toughest when it comes to employees——Dave’s average employee tenure is 8 years—-amazing!

Here are some of the questions guiding this discussion:

1. When you listen to the plight of franchisees—-what are some of the biggest challenges they’re facing with their employees?
2. It’s been said that you’ve more or less cracked the code on employee recruiting and retention—-you’ve promoted many entry-level employees from delivery to management. What do you look for when you’re hiring at the entry level?
3. Many of our listeners have small businesses—-not only in the food service industry but all kinds of businesses. How do you recommend business owners keep the culture, the game, the day-to-day work environment interesting and engaging for their employees?
4. Let’s shift to marketing and advertising. It’s been said that the New York Pizza Market is one of the most if not THE most competitive out there. When you meet with the franchisees about marketing—-what does that discussion look like?
5. How do you break through the clutter?
6. In your advertising mix—-What is the relative balance of Domino’s Brand and, for example, coupons and more direct-response mechanisms?
7. Why do your think Dominos has been so successful in this crowded and competitive business?—-what do they know that the others don’t?
8. When you and Tim McIntire set out to write the book, Hire The American Dream, what did you want to say that other books have not said?
9. Who is the book written for, and what can readers expect to get from it?