SmallBiz Spotlights

By David Wolf / June 19, 2010

Point Loma Cabinet and Upholstery with Buzz Rodriguez

Our guest on this segment is an expert in furniture restoration and Upholstery. Buzz Rodriguez is the owner of Point Loma Cabinet & Upholstery -his company has been serving San Diego residents for more than 30 years. Buzz joins us on the line from San Diego to tell us more about the work he does..

By David Wolf / June 16, 2010

Ernie Vargas – The Probate Fox

Our guest on this edition is a believer that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Ernie Vargas is the co-founder of—the company helps every day people learn and profit from a special niche in real estate called Probate.

Ernie believes there is tremendous opportunity in this untapped niche, and joins us on the line to tell us more about what probate property is—and where the opportunities to make some real money from them lie.

By David Wolf / May 14, 2010

Easy On Hold with Julie Cook

Something very important happens to a customer or sales prospect when they are placed “on hold” while calling a business. Historically-it’s a boring , non-productive experience. As the caller, you get bored, and as the business-you risk loosing that customer altogether.

Our guest on this segment wanted to transform that on-hold time into a whole new marketing and communications opportunity for businesses everywhere. Julie Cook is the president of Easy On Hold-she and her husband, Tim Brown, created the company to help companies LEVERAGE the time their in bound callers spend on hold into a more productive experience than is typically the case.

By David Wolf / April 21, 2010

Perpetual Publishers with Monte Hamilton

Monte Hamilton is the co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Perpetual Publishers and president of Hamilton Associates. Hamilton spent more than twenty years as an executive recruiter to Fortune 100 companies, recruiting mid-level and executive level financial and information technology specialists. Since 1994, Hamilton has been actively involved with internet consulting.

By David Wolf / March 7, 2010

Where Art Meets Commerce with Bradley Young

Pianist Composer and Entertainment Entrepreneur, Bradley Young joins me on this segment for a look at his industry, his approach and insights about creating a business from his art, and much more….

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