Our guest on this segment is an international speaker, and recognized expert in the field of “Technology Marketing” and “Mortgage Lending”. Chip Cummings has appeared on radio and television segments including Fox & Friends, FOX Business, NBC, The Neil Cavuto Show, and on CBS, and ABC. He’s been interviewed and quoted in newspapers and magazines such as Entrepreneur, Broker/Banker, National Mortgage News, Mortgage Originator and many others.

He’s the author of several books, including his latest best-selling release, “Cashing In on Pre-Foreclosures and Short Sales”.

Here are the questions guiding our interview and discussion with Chip:

1. Capture new customers and turn suspects into prospects – without even talking to them! What are some of the key ingredients that make up a Top Producer a Top Producer

2. You have a system for generating quality website traffic and convert them into HOT LEADS – automatically! —Of course this is the dream of every online marketer on the planet—-give us a sense of how you help business owners do this…

3. You have 31 e-Marketing strategies used by Top Producers—could you share a couple of your favorites and tell us how they work?

4. What do we tend to get wrong about the way we construct business websites?—-and…how can we make them more effective? (6 secrets)

5. You’ve coined the phrase, “Sleep-working”—-referring to the creation of an automated system that produces a steady stream of customers while you sleep! How does this system work?

6. It’s difficult for many business owners to focus when it comes to marketing. Why is it so difficult for them, and how do you advise small business owners to create laser-targeted marketing strategies for their own business?

7. Learn how to answer the 3 critical questions EVERY customer wants to know!