Our guest on this edition is an entrepreneur, the owner of OrgTrack.com, and an internationally recognized expert in word-of-mouth referral networking. Beth Anderson is a website designer and developer by trade, and credits much of her success to the lessons learned through her participation in the world’s largest business networking system BNI International.

Here are some of the questions that guided the segment with Beth:

1. You’ve credited BNI as responsible for the growth, in large part, for your own business. When was your very first contact with BNI, and what about it captivated you?
2. When you say Visibility + credibility=profitability—-I think you’re describing the nature of word of mouth-do I have that correct?
3. Why does word of mouth work so well in small business?
4. BNI—was created as a high contact networking system. You’re heading up the technology component of the organization—-is it a unique challenge to create (an online social networking platform) for an arguably “on-line“business model?
5. BNI Connect—in general how it will work to help the BNI Membership? What can members expect?
6. Is OrgTrack working exclusively on BNI, or do you have other clients and projects going?