By David Wolf / May 22, 2015

Inside PR with Pat Harriman

Our guest on this segment believes that effective public relations is the most versatile, cost-effective component of a successful marketing program. Pat Harriman is the founder of The Harriman Group-her company is a full-service public relations agency that designs high- impact PR programs based on the “3Bs” PR strategy—Build the Base, Build the Buzz, Build the Brand.

By David Wolf / May 22, 2015

Dale Ewing: InstallNET

InstallNET is a nationwide network of commercial furniture installation companies. An innovative service alliance, it has over 250 independent service providers in over 100 markets in the US and Canada. InstallNET specializes in the project management of multi-location national accounts, using a single point of contact and standard service process. The web site provides online access capabilities for quote requests and status tracking, giving customers easy access and control over all their jobs nationwide.

By David Wolf / May 16, 2015

Self Publishing with

Our guest on this edition created a new way for self-published authors to sell their books and for readers looking for self-published authors to find them more easily. Jill Exler is the founder of—a new, affordable solution for both sides of the market.

By David Wolf / October 24, 2010

Suzanne Paling: The Accidental Sales Manager

Susanne Paling is She is the principal consultant of Sales Management Services, and the author of The Accidental Sales Manager: A Survival Guide for CEOs (or owners or presidents) Who Find Themselves Managing Salespeople.

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